Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nice Mice weekend

First of all, thanks to Kristin from Sew Mama Sew for leaving me a comment on my blog. I swear I never thought anyone would read it but I appreciate your words. :)

Another successful crafting weekend. It seems that now that I've truly commited to crafting and finishing at least one project a week I feel more whole. Crafting completes me. :)

My daughter and I did another project this weekend. It kept her busy while Dada studied. I am determined to make this part of our weekly routine. She really enjoys it and hopefully this will teach her to make art and crafts (or art and craps as she says) part of her life. We made Mousey and his Bed and while I was hesitant about the colors she picked and even tried to convince her otherwise (bad mommy). But she stuck to her guns and Mousey came out adorable. Next time, she does what she wants. She even came up with an idea for the bed. It is red (her favorite color) covered with a lot of yellow triangles that she cut out (cheese). Again I will have to post a picture. Note to self: Must invest in a digital camera!

Now at night lie (from right to left), Teddy, who has been squished into another doll's sleeping bag, by the wall; Mousey and his snazzy red sleeping bag in the middle and my little one curls up next to them. Must think of our next project for next weekend. If anyone happens upon this blog, any suggestions?

I am still working on the Quilt-A-Long week 2 block which is coming along very nicely considering it's my first (and if I finish it will have done 2 things this weekend! Woo hoo!). It's the hand sewing that takes time but I do it at night before going to bed and it's quite relaxing. And then more wonderful gifts to make on Sew Mama Sew's November Handmade Holiday gifts. I was already thinking of making aprons for a few chef-types, purses for bag lady-types, a few wallets and keychains for weathier-types, couple of crayon rolls for kids, 2 striped kitties (meow-meows) for my twin nieces, a bathmat for our own apt and then...I see the lovely kitchen sewing projects. Perfect for a couple of aunts. I think I will not be able to fully settle on my Christmas list and what I am going to make for whom until November 30th.

Happily crafting...


amandajean said...

that is quite a crafting list...but I so understand how it goes! I am so glad that you joined the quilt-a-long. I hope that you enjoy it.

annenyc said...

I know I am being very optimistic. But it's so hard to pick. Fortunately I have a bunch of friends I probably won't see immediately after Christmas so that will buy me some time... Thanks!

Alison-My Little Stitching Corner said...

Congratulations on Blogging. I am brand new last weekend myself! I am also doing the stitch along. I love your little mouse in his blanket. What a very cute project to do with your child. If I don't find time to do some work with my hands in a day I am not as happy as when I do!

Em said...

I think it's a great idea to get started crafting with your daughter! My dd and I did a cute little Christmas foamy craft this weekend, and it was so much fun... she was in a good mood all day! So refreshing! I might make it a routine too. Em