Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TGFC (Thank God for Crafting) -

An old post that never got posted... :(  Regardless, here it is:

My schedule lately has been nothing more than hectic. Meeting after meeting at work has left me mentally wiped and then home so spend time with my husband and daughter have left little time for crafting but I have definitely tried to squeeze it in when I can. Keeps me sane.

So here's what I've been up to recently.

1- Felt Food: Wandering around on Craftster a little while back, I was totally awestruck by some of the amazing felt food people have made. Here is a link to what made my jaw drop! AMAZING!

So I said to myself that I really wanted to make some for my daughter. Granted I'm still new to all this but here's what I've come up with so far.

Don't know why I started with breakfast foods but I was on a roll for a while doing one thing a night.

Then I made lettuce which, as most people who know me will agree I don't even like to eat, but I loved embroidering in the leafy detail on both sides. That took me a little longer.

Then onto dessert...

I will, of course, come back to the main course and other goodies as I have a VERY ambitious list of foods I am hoping to make for my daughter. She has sort of seen them but I want to give them to her in a larger bunch. And due to a excitable attention span when it comes to crafting got sidetracked.

2- Stroller Quilt: Sadly I hadn't checked my blog in a while and apparently am no longer included in the Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long members. :( I was actually genuinely sad because I really plan on doing it but am working on a stroller patchwork quilt for my chicky before we head on our vacation.

It uses Decadent Victorian squares by Moda. I have had it in the works for some time now and have had it laid out for like a month or so. Drives my husband crazy but I keep going back, check and double check that two squares of the same color or pattern are not next to each other and sometimes make a little change. This is what I had a last week...

And yesterday finally started sewing though it doesn't look exactly like this picture. So far so good They are now sewn in 9 squares of 4 and I am hoping to tackle the rest tomorrow.

3- Japanese Clothing patterns - I can't remember what blog I was reading but I came across someone who was working on the Girly Style Wardrobe Japanese pattern book. So I took a trip down to Kinokuniya Book Store down on 40th St and 6th Avenue one day after work so see if it might be there. It was laid on perfectly on a display table and thumbed through it and instantly fell in love with every pattern. Love them. they are so cute and so...girly. So that's my next project.

I have done some research reading blog of other people's experiences with Japanese pattern books and have gotten some useful tips. i.e., Japanese pattern books do not include the seam allowance in the pattern so that has to be added after tracing. So I have traced everything which for anyone who does not know Japanese pattern books is quite a feat b/c (for this book, anyways) all the patterns for everything is one the front and back of 1 large sheet of paper and as many have commented it looks like a topographical map. So it takes some maneuvering, good lighting a patience to get everything traced. Just have to add the seam allowance and get to cutting.