Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Ok. I must admit I didn't blog as I had promised this past weekend b/c I didn't really get blog traffic my way and was feeling a bit down. I decided to check my blog today and guess what! Comments! How exciting! Thanks Alison and Em! I appreciate your kind words!

I have yet to get my hands on a digital camera (on my to do list) but using a camera phone -- best I could do for now -- Here ALAS is a rather blurry picture of Owlie! Doesn't do him justice.

Since it was chilly outside this past weekend, my chickie and I stayed in and did some crafting. I decided to teach HER to sew. We are making a kitty, a Fat Cat rather. Though it is from a knitting website, we had felt and started from that point on. She did however decide he needed a tail so that's what we started with. She got a hang of the sewing bit with some help though she got restless and left him sanz a body.

So we will continue with that and next on our list I figured could be some handmade Christmas ornaments. We are getting our tree this weekend and I figured it would added a nice homemade, handmade touch and, well, maybe we are starting our own little tradition. I imagine it will be great to see them when we are all older.

I have been building my stash so it's a good thing that on Monday I kidnapped my mom's old Singer Stylist 543 sewing machine. I put the Quilt-A-Long on pause (but do plan on catching up) and got working on Christmas presents. They are coming along great. I am making some nice matching sets of wallet, key chain, change purse and tissue pouch, all from Sew Mama Sew's List. I am 3/4 done with my practice set and so far so good. It's coming along much faster. I will post pictures tomorrow! NOTE TO SELF: Borrow camera!